Chocolate fondue dippers


Chocolate fondue is an ideal way to finish a fondue party or other intimate gathering of friends and family.  Although it may look delicious enough to scoop out with a spoon and eat by itself, there are plenty of foods to dip in the pot or fountain that will taste even better coated in chocolate. 

Cakes are quite popular dippers to soak into warm chocolate.  Angel food cake tastes delicious, but be careful not to douse it too thoroughly, or it will become soggy.  Pound cake is not as absorbent and will therefore hold up better when dipped in liquid chocolate.  Remember to cut the cakes into cubes rather than large chunks.  Not only does this make them easier to eat, it conserves the chocolate so there is plenty for everyone.

Cookies are also a fine choice for chocolate fondue dippers.  Sugar cookies are probably the most popular ones to use.  Their sugary and mild taste makes them ideal enhancers of chocolate. 
Another good choice is biscotti.  It is a cookie that possesses a texture similar to a cracker, sometimes containing almonds or filberts.  Anise, the seed of which is similar in taste to black licorice, is also sometimes added for flavoring. 

The warm, spicy zest of gingerbread is even more terrific when topped with toasty, melted chocolate.  It is also not over-absorbent, so it will hold its structure during dipping. 

Other favorite dippers include marshmallows and pretzels.  Chocolate covered pretzels are certainly delicious out of a tin, but imagine the pure delicacy of a pretzel dripping with warm chocolate before it has cooled and dried.

If you are more in the mood to allow Mother Nature to do her work, a variety of fruits can be dipped into chocolate fondue to create an appealing flavor combination.

Some beloved fruits that have proven to be perfect chocolate fondue dippers include:  strawberries, blueberries, banana chunks, orange slices, apple wedges, and pineapple chunks.  Set aside a garnish of chopped nuts to complete the experience. 

For a more exotic touch, plain potato chips are an appetizing dipper.  It may sound strange, but the salty and crunchy qualities of the chips do wonders to bring out the sweet, creamy attributes of the chocolate. 

If you have a sweet tooth for chocolate, fondue is the perfect way to satisfy it.  Once you discover the ideal food to combine with a chocolate fondue, you will never experience dessert the same way again.

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