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Here is a story I recently found at I want to use this as a reminder about fondue safety… While fondue can be fun and tasty it can also be dangerous if proper care isn’t taken. Be safe and keep those fire extinguishers handy!


Bearstead man injured in fondue fire

A man was given first aid by firefighters this evening after sustaining minor burns while using a fondue.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to the house in Peverel Drive, Bearsted after the man is thought poured methylated spirit into his fondue burner but over filled it slightly.

When he lit the liquid in the burner, the vapour ignited very quickly and caught the bottle containing the meths alight too. As this happened the plastic bottle was knocked to the kitchen floor where the vaporising meths continued to burn.
The man extinguished the fire using a damp towel plus a watering can from the garden.

The incident caused some scorching to the kitchen lino and the resident had minor burns to his right hand, which were treated by firefighters using a burns kit.

They also fitted two working smoke alarms in the house and left the property just after 7.20pm.

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